K-Lens Linkable Linear Light

Warehouses, workshops, supermarkets, airports, shopping malls, and some offices have vast spaces, which make it difficult to use some types of commercial lighting solutions such as fluorescent tubes and panel lights. In such spaces, linkable linear lights are the perfect solution, as you can link several lights together so as to cover a larger area and achieve better illumination.

The K-Lens is one of the best LED linkable linear lights on the market. It uses Sanan LED chips, which guarantee top performance and a longer lifespan. It also comes with a non-flickering driver, which ensures that you enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted illumination.

The K-Lens lights are also very energy efficient and can deliver between 100 and 130 Lumens per watt. This provides you with unmatched energy savings, which helps to keep your overhead costs low. In addition to the amazing performance, these linear lights are also built for durability. They come with a 6063 # aluminum housing and Mitsubishi lens, which protect the inner components from dust and physical damage. The Mitsubishi lens also helps to provide a more efficient light beam pattern, which guarantees you a better illumination.

K-Lens linear lights have an IP40 rating, which makes them only ideal for indoor use. You should also avoid using them indoors in areas that have high humidity or are exposed to harsh conditions.

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