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LED UFO high bay

An LED solution that is also on the market is the UFO Highbay Lighting. It has a UFO, unique, and compact design with small volume and weight which makes it perfect for indoor stadiums, workshops, warehouses, and other industrial places. With its cooling fins and forging technique, it can bring a superior heat dissipation and long lifespan which is very beneficial for saving energy, time, and effort. It is energy-efficient as it can save up to 80% compared to halogen lamps, induction lamps, or metal halides.

UFO Highbay Lighting has a hook installation which makes it easy for the installer to install. It can be replaced easily as well. Its efficiency can be up to 125 lumens per Watts, and its material is comprised of tempered glasses (toughened glasses for safety purposes so that it can last longer and can withstand shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures) and forging 1070/6063 aluminum alloy.

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