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IP65 LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights offer an extensive range of indoor and outdoor applications. You can install them anywhere: from industries to warehouses, car parks, stadiums, metro stations, hotels, bars, dance halls, billboards, and other places that need outdoor lightings. These lights are environmentally friendly as these have no UV or IR radiation.

LED Flood Lights have a supremely high luminous efficacy that you will greatly be satisfied and surprised with what this offer. These lights have a long lifespan which is very important as you don’t want to exchange your lightings every year. With robust product design, these can withstand any operating conditions and environments to which these are exposed. These are waterproof and vapor-proof. These lights normally are CE- and RoHS-certified and have an IP65 rating because the lights are composed of tempered glass, a kind of safety glass that is always sturdier than plastic, and 6063 aluminum alloy.

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