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UFO High Bay Light

How Do You Benefit From Using Our UFO High Bay LED Lights?

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CE, RoHS certified


3 Years Warranty

Hook connector ensures convenient and firm installation.

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UFO, Features

UFO, Description

Before buying a light fixture, there are always a number of problems to be solved, questions to be answered, or even needs to be met. In most cases, you’ll find yourself wondering whether the new fixtures are better than your current ones. Or sometimes the question could be; what kind of improvement are you looking for – energy efficiency, durability, or brightness? Either way, finding a lighting fixture that meets all your lighting needs, helps to answer all your questions, or solves all your current lighting issues is always the primary objective. Luckily, with ShineLong’s spectacular UFO High Bay LED Lights, you are guaranteed an all-in-one industrial lighting solution.


Well, we design these fixtures to be better than any other lights out there. ShineLong UFOs are not only super-efficient but also very bright thus guaranteeing you impeccable lighting at a fraction of the usual cost.

How so?

These lights operate at an energy-efficiency of 110~120lm/W and can output up to 25,000 lumens. Moreover, due to their smart design and wide 1200 beam angle, light distribution is always even, shadow-free, and leak-free. Also, their wide Aluminum PCB plays an important role in ensuring that heat is dissipated efficiently. This feature, coupled with the fact that our UFOs are made of a light alloy material and next-gen coating for anti-corrosion, is the reason behind their long lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

And that’s not all! ShineLong UFO High Bay LED Lights are CE and RoHS-certified and come with an IP65 protection rating plus a 3-year warranty. The best part is that these LED lights are pretty light, easy to handle, install and maintain. Basically, using our UFOs is the only guarantee you have that you’ll enjoy convenient, efficient, powerful, and durable industrial lighting.

UFO, Data Sheet

UFO Dimension
Article Number SL-U65BD-60-X SL-U65BD-80-X SL-U65BD-120-X SL-U65BD-150-X SL-U65BD-200-X
Size 330*195*330 mm 330*195*330 mm 330*195*330 mm 425*425*225 mm 425*425*225 mm
Power 60 W 80 W 120 W 150 W 200 W
Beam Angle 120° 120° 120° 120° Ø300 mm
CRI > 80 > 80 > 80 > 80 Ø300 mm
AC Input 100~240 V /100~277 V 100~240 V /100~277 V 100~240 V /100~277 V 100~240 V /100~277 V 100~240 V /100~277 V
DC Output 30~40 V 30~40 V 30~40 V 30~40 V 30~40 V
Efficiency(±5%) 110-120 LM/W 110-120 LM/W 115-125 LM/W 115-125 LM/W 115-125 LM/W
Lumen Output 6600-7200 LM 8800-9600 LM 13800-15000 LM 17250-18750 LM 23000-25000 LM
Packing info 1 pcs/ctn 1 pcs/ctn 1 pcs/ctn 1 pcs/ctn 1 pcs/ctn
Carton Size 330*195*330 mm 330*195*330 mm 330*195*330 mm 425*425*225 mm 425*425*225 mm
N.W.(kg)/CTN 3.5 3.5 4 4 4
G.W.(kg)/CTN 6 6 7 7 7
20’GP 1519 PCS 1519 PCS 1519 PCS 770 PCS 770 PCS
40’GP 3087 PCS 3087 PCS 3087 PCS 1630 PCS 1630 PCS
40’HC 3528 PCS 3528 PCS 3528 PCS 1878 PCS 1878 PCS


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