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Disc, Round Panel Light

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CE, RoHS certified


5 Years Warranty

Non-dimming, triac dimming, 0~10v dimming, cct dimming, DALI version available

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Disc, Features

Disc, Desription

With LED lighting panels gaining traction worldwide, most people are used to the square and rectangular version of these amazing fixtures. But, what happens when you want an LED panels and the square or rectangular ones don’t quite fit into your styling requirements? Well, you should consider using our round panel light fixtures. Yes, ShineLong also manufactures Disc LED panels that equally strong, durable, and aesthetically appealing. In fact, these light fixtures come with extra benefits. So, why should you buy our Disc Panels?

Well, these awesome LED light fixtures are highly applicable and can be used domestically and commercially. Therefore, if you’ve been searching for the best-LED lights for your home’s bathroom, kitchen, living rooms, corridors, bedrooms, porch, home office, dining area, study, and commercial spaces like offices, supermarkets, or showrooms, the ShineLong Disc LED is exactly what you need.

That’s because aside from it having a charming round shape, this fixture also comes in different colors, sizes, and wattages. This gives you more options to choose from in order to create the perfect décor and atmosphere in the intended room.

What’s more, these round panel light fixtures are light-weight, ultra-thin, and very convenient due to their flicker-free, noiseless, no UV, no shadow, no leak nature. They operate at an efficiency of 80~90lm/W and can last for over 50,000 hours. Moreover, ShineLong Disc Panel LEDs are eco-friendly and certified by CE and RoHS. They are made from a high-quality PMMA diffuser and a #6063 Aluminum frame. They also have to dim support options that include 0~10V, TRIAC, CCT, and DALI. These fixtures have numerous other perks. If you’d like to place an order or to learn more about these awesome LED fixtures, feel free to contact us right now. It’s absolutely FREE and we always respond promptly.

Disc, Data Sheet

Disc Dimension
Article NumberSL-D12005-XSL-D18010-XSL-D24015-XSL-D30020-X
SizeØ120 mmØ180 mmØ240 mmØ300 mm
Power5 W10 W15 W20 W
Beam Angle120°120°120°120°
CRI> 80> 80> 80> 80
AC Input200~240V / 100~277V200~240V / 100~277V200~240V / 100~277V200~240V / 100~277V
DC Output30~40V30~40V30~40V30~40V
SDCM< 4< 4< 4< 4
Efficiency(±5%)60~70 lm/w80~90 lm/w80~90 lm/w90~100 lm/w
Lumen Output300~350 lm800~900 lm1100~1300 lm1700~1900 lm
Packing info10 pcs/ctn10 pcs/ctn10 pcs/ctn5 pcs/ctn
Carton Size475*270*270 mm475*270*270 mm555*315*270 mm395*350*400 mm


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