What is IP69K waterproof level of LED fixtures?

If you want to install a light-emitting diode (LED) appliance in areas where equipment needs to be thoroughly sanitized using washdown with high temperature and pressure, one thing that you must consider is the fixture’s ability to withstand the environmental conditions. LED fixtures have different waterproof levels, and it is upon you to identify the one that suits best the purpose, with the guidance of the Ingress Protection (IP) ratings.

IP rating system is a universal scale that indicates the level of proven protection that a device has against environmental factors like solids as well as liquids.  Fixtures that have the most superior capability to withstand water with high pressure and temperature have IP69K ratings. “IP” stands for Ingress Protection,” 6” indicates that the device can resist the ingress of dust while “69K” is an indication that it can resist the ingress of water with high temperature and pressure.  With this capability, the high-pressure/temperature water used in washdowns will not enter the fixture in harmful amounts, or none at all.

LED fixtures with IP69K are ideal for environments where equipment need to be well sanitized since they cannot be damaged by the high temperature and pressure –water, other than being dust ingress resistant. Hygiene should be strictly observed in food processing industries, requiring equipment to be thoroughly sanitized. To enhance efficiency and safety, the installed LED devices, among other equipment ought to have a waterproof level that totally resists the damage by the rigorous cleaning procedures involving water with high pressure and temperature.

What is IP69K waterproof level of LED fixtures

Just like other appliances, a LED fixture must go through a specific, rigorous testing procedure for it to be proven to have the ability to resist the penetration of dust as well as water with high temperature and pressure, thus the IP69K rating.  To test the waterproof capability, a LED device is placed on a turntable that is rotating at a speed of 5 ±1 rotations per minute. Then, about four gallons (16 liters) of water is sprayed at the appliance in every minute. The pressure and temperature of the sprayed water should be maintained at 1160 to 1450 psi and 176°F/80°C, respectively.  The distance between nozzle which is used to spray the water and the device should be four to six inches and is held at different angles. If no damage is noted in the fixture after undergoing the rigorous test as a result of water penetration, then the device successfully attains IP69K rating.

The IP69K rating gives full assurance that an appliance has been rigorously tested and proved to possess the highest resistance to water with high pressure and temperature as compared to others in the IP scale.  If you want a LED fixture that can withstand high-pressure and steam cleaning, then you can count on those with an IP69K rating and there’s no time you’ll experience breakdowns due to water damage.  With such a device, you’ll get the maximum value for your money and rest assured that your device is safe.

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