LED Lights Technology in Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting accounts for a huge proportion of the total energy consumption in most countries. In the U.S, for instance, 40% of the total energy consumption is as a result of lighting commercial buildings.  Conventional incandescent bulbs are to blame for the high energy consumption. Incandescent bulbs convert just 5 to 10 percent of its energy intake to light, wasting the remaining 90-95% as heat. Light-emitting diode (LED) technology had gone through rapid development in the recent years, offering one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting options for a wide range of commercial applications.

LED commercial lighting

Other than incandescent bulbs, the other lighting options that businesses can use for lighting include Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). Although CFLs lead to less energy wastage hence lower power consumption as compared to incandescent, their commercial application hasn’t been satisfactorily prominent, thanks to poor performance and durability.  On the other hand, LEDs has several advantages over the two options. One, LEDs lights supporting LED technology need just 20% of the power required by incandescents to produce the same amount that the latter offer. If you do the math correctly, you can see that you are going to save a whopping 80% of your lighting energy consumption by replacing the incandescent bulbs with LEDs in your commercial premises.

LED lights are also designed to remain functional for a much longer time than both CFLs and incandescents. In fact, a LED lighting product lives 25 times than traditional incandescent bulbs. Since businesses strive to minimize their operating costs as much as they can, LED lights technology has been of great advantage to them. The technology has contributed to increasing installation of intelligent lighting controls like occupancy sensors and photo sensors in commercial premises to manage the consumption of lighting energy. Furthermore, LEDs lights are usually made with materials which are resistant possible damages arising from shock, or water/dust contact. These properties have seen LED lights become more widely used in commercial areas such as parking garages and manufacturing industries, where lights are vulnerable to water contact, dust exposure or vandalism.

Although the upfront costs associated with the installation of LEDs are a bit higher as compared to efflorescent and incandescent bulbs, the use of the LED lights helps businesses make huge cost-savings in the long run. Besides, unlike in the past ten or so years when you could break the bank to purchase a LED light, nowadays you can get one at a pocket-friendly price from ShineLong, one of the world’s best manufacturers of LED commercial lighting products.

the advertisement is core to almost all businesses.  LEDs produce a broad light spectrum which is a plus for advertising purposes. Many casinos and restaurants, clubs stadiums have installed LED fixtures which produce a cool range of colors, for ultimate customer experience. LED lighting in display areas like trade shows and retail shops produces clear, crisp illumination to catch the eyes of prospective customers, increasing the chances of closing sales.

LED technology is a revolutionary commercial lighting option, offering businesses a wide range of benefits.  ShineLong is committed to offering businesses various LED lights for significant operation cost reduction.

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