August 2017



Story of ranch Good lighting is one of the secrets to a safe, serene home. You do not want to go to check on your chicken in their shed only to stumble on a protruding stubborn nail. Darkness is usually associated with evils, no wonder many thuggery incidences occur at night or in [...]

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Hong Kong(HK) Lighting Fair


Hong Kong(HK) Lighting Fair Hong Kong(HK) Lighting Fair is one of the world’s largest lighting fair that offers vast business opportunities to both exhibitors and buyers, and it remained, one of the most important trade events of its kind especially in the lighting industry to date. The HK lighting fair is vested with [...]

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Commercial lighting


LED Lights Technology in Commercial Lighting Commercial lighting accounts for a huge proportion of the total energy consumption in most countries. In the U.S, for instance, 40% of the total energy consumption is as a result of lighting commercial buildings.  Conventional incandescent bulbs are to blame for the high energy consumption. Incandescent bulbs [...]

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